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Massage Moves Migraines

May 14th, 2014 • Posted by Touch of Light Therapeutic Massage • Permalink

Migraines can come with debilitating pain, sensitivity to light and an overall feeling of weakness. There isn't a cure for migraines. For some people, medication taken on the onset of pain helps, but for some it's not enough. Massage appointments in between attacks can keep migraines at bay.

Studies show less pain with massage

Researchers from the More...

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Look Again -- Massage is for Everybody

May 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Touch of Light Therapeutic Massage • Permalink

Women may frequent spas but an increasing number of men are realizing the benefits of massage treatments. Years ago, it was a bit taboo for a guy to walk into a spa, but now, it's commonplace. Even the typical "guy's guy" is hitting the spa. They might seem like unlikely visitors, but these three groups of clients are growing:


They might not show up in their camo gear, but hunters are becoming spa goers. Usually a hunter is stuck in one spot for a while More...

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Mom Deserves a Rub-Down

April 17th, 2014 • Posted by Touch of Light Therapeutic Massage • Permalink

Instead of another fragrance on her vanity or a scarf she may never wear, give Mom a Mother's Day gift she deserves: a soothing massage. Mothers are our first teachers, doctors, playmates, coaches and cheerleaders. With so many roles to play in our lives moms sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Let her know that you remember how important she is. Allow the woman who pampered you to be pampered for a day with a therapeutic massage designed with her in mind More...

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