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Foot Massage 101

April 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Touch of Light Therapeutic Massage • Permalink

With summer here, it's time to get those tootsies looking sharp for sandal season. Before adding a nice coat of pearly-pink polish to your toes, ease those tired soles with a foot massage. You don't have to buy some fancy foot-rubbing device, all you need are these tips for the ultimate at-home foot massage.

Start with the sole of the foot

Interlace your fingers on the top of your foot and use your thumbs to rub the bottom. Using alternating strokes, apply pressure to the arches of your feet to ease tension.

Rotate the toes

Take each toe, starting with your pinky toe, and rotate it in a circle. Make three or four circles clockwise, and then go counterclockwise. Do this to each toe.

Rub the heel

Making small circular motions, work your fingers around your ankles and down the heel of your foot. You'll want to spend a few minutes in this area. The heel of your foot sees the most action and requires a little more attention to loosen up.

If an at-home massage just won't do, stop by and have our therapist go to work on your feet.

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