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Fun for Your Furry Friend

January 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Touch of Light Therapeutic Massage • Permalink

More than 43 million people own a pet of some kind, and many pet parents are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their furry family member in tip-top shape. It might explain why a new trend is emerging in animal care: pet massage. It's true, pet massage is likely coming to a veterinary clinic near you. The benefits of massage don't stop with humans, pets can benefit too.

A growing number of veterinary clinics around the country are offering massage therapy to their four-legged clients. While the idea of pet massage has been around for sometime, it's just now becoming a serious medical addition to rehabilitation therapies.

Many vets suggest massage for older pets, like those dealing with arthritis and stiff joints. Massage is also helpful after surgery. It not only eases pain, but can also improve mobility and range of motion. Some vets even suggest massage for pets struggling with behavior problems. Aside from calming the animal down, massage can also establish trust.

Several vets are offering clinics to teach pet owners how to give their pet a massage at home. Vets expect the alternative treatment to become more mainstream in animal medicine as time goes on.

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