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Look Again -- Massage is for Everybody

May 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Touch of Light Therapeutic Massage • Permalink

Women may frequent spas but an increasing number of men are realizing the benefits of massage treatments. Years ago, it was a bit taboo for a guy to walk into a spa, but now, it's commonplace. Even the typical "guy's guy" is hitting the spa. They might seem like unlikely visitors, but these three groups of clients are growing:


They might not show up in their camo gear, but hunters are becoming spa goers. Usually a hunter is stuck in one spot for a while. Whether they had a successful day in the woods or not, a massage is a great way to rid their muscles of the knots created from sitting in tree stands or blinds all day.


The abuse a car mechanic's body takes in a day is astounding. Many mechanics suffer with joint pain, especially in the knees. Others battle arthritis. More and more mechanics are turning to massage to relieve the pain caused from their physically demanding job.


Traveling businessmen opt for a massage after a long day of travel. Whether they're trapped in a car for the day or dealing with flight delays, a massage is a great way to kick the travel stress.

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