Massage and Pain Management

Research shows massage therapy can effectively manage pain. Through the manipulation of the soft tissues, a massage therapist is able to address pain associated with injury, overuse, tension, chronic pain disorders and many common ailments including headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and much more.  

The Pain-Spasm-Pain Cycle

While complex on a cellular level, the Pain-Spasm-Pain cycle is a simple concept.  You have an injury or area that causes minor, local discomfort. Your body tries to protect it by splinting (contraction of the muscle and surrounding muscles) the area to immobilize it and prevent further irritation.  The result is reduced blood flow to the injury, and tense muscles surrounding it, causing more pain. Massage can help break the pain-spasm-pain cycle in several ways. The utilization of appropriate techniques will result in increased blood flow, decreased muscular tightness and elimination of inflammatory cellular wastes, all of which promote normal muscule function, range of motion and strength.  


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