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Touch of Light is the perfect place to melt your stress away or to rid any ailments that you may have. With it's surene environment and Tami's magic touch, you'll leave feeling like revitalized you! This place is absolutely amazing and Tami is truly one of the best!...I highly recommend!!!

(Tashonda F., 2,311 days ago)

I love everything about Touch of Light and Tami. It is the most beautiful and relaxing environment to have a message. I see Tami regularly for deep tissue massages. She has made such a difference to my sore shoulder, my overall body alignment and my back.

(Anonymous, 2,363 days ago)

Great place for a relaxing massage!!!

(Erich K., 2,394 days ago)

I am so glad I found someone so nice, caring and knowledgable. She came highly recommended by another therapist; they were so right!! Her facility is top notch and has all the latest cool stuff. Tami, you're awesome!!!!

(Enzo D., 2,419 days ago)

Tami truly cares about her client's health and well being. She modifies her technique and focuses on certain areas depending on your needs of the day and what she finds during the session. This sets her apart from many therapists. She is constantly learning new techniques which allow her to offer more to her clients. Her office space is comfortable and safe which relaxes you even before the session begins. If you hold stress during your busy day, make an appointment with Tami.

(Anonymous, 2,533 days ago)

Tami has been able to find the root of every problem I've brought to her attention. Before my first massage with her, I was getting headaches every time I sat down at my desk at work and my arm hurt so badly when using the mouse at the computer that I had to wear a brace. After my first massage with Tami, my headaches went away and the pain in my arm eased up considerably. I am now seeing Tami for massages monthly and no longer need the arm brace at work. I have started using the biomat during a massage and it makes me feel more relaxed than Iíve ever felt before! The office is very peaceful and I love the smells of the oils that she uses. Every month now, I look forward to seeing Tami for my massage and come out feeling like a whole new person!

(Anonymous, 2,540 days ago)

After suffering from shoulder pain, I made an appointment with Tami. Of which it was money well spent. I found her to be very professional and her office relaxing and welcoming. If you're in pain I would highly recommend Touch of Light. Thank you Tami,

(Anonymous, 2,543 days ago)

The massage was great, thanks! I liked that It actually lasted an hour, most other places i've been to they talk to you for the first 15 minutes and then the massage is only 40-45 minutes. I will probably not be back due to the location, it is a bit of a drive for me!

(Anonymous, 2,543 days ago)

Tami is absolutely the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I suffered from migraines and upper back and neck pain before II started going to Her. Thanks to Tami I rarely have migraines anymore and my upper back problems have stopped. I love the oils/ lotions that she customizes to your specific problems. Her knowledge on the body and natural ways of addressing issues is great. I no longer take medication for pain or migraines, with Tami's help I have learned what kinds of oils to use to address specific issues. The office is such a comfortable friendly professional place. It really makes for a relaxing enjoyable massage. I recommend her to everyone. She's the best!!!!!!

(Anonymous, 2,549 days ago)

(Anonymous, 1,899 days ago)

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