Structural Relief Therapy

SRT is a non-invasive, advanced massage technique that stops involuntary muscle contraction, instantly increases range of motion, and dramatically decreases pain in the first treatment.  SRT releases involuntary muscle contraction by reprogramming the jammed neurological signals of the muscles to and from the brain.  SRT also incorporates the principles of Muscle Energy Technique and Myofacial Release.

Structural Relief Therapy uses the gentle principle of holding the body in a position to shorten the contracted muscle.  By holding this position, the involuntary muscle contraction stops and tissues soften.  It is speculated that this happens because positioning the body in a pain free position reprograms the neurological signals of the muscles to and from the brain. Unlike traditional deep tissue and trigger point massage, this technique is less invasive and focuses more on realignment of muscles through positioning and Myofacial Release.

SRT Has been found to be over 90% effective on relieving symptoms of pain and discomfort.  It is also effective in assisting with relief from chronic medical conditions including Fibromyalgia, Thoracic Outlet and Carpal Tunnel Syndromes, chronic Whiplash, Sciatica, low back pain, and Shin Splints.   It can be done for a full hour or 90 minute session, or integrated with any of our regular massage services.

60 Minutes  $80

90 Minutes  $110